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Nail art information


​Nail art is a skill.  It takes time and ranges from simple designs such as dots and glitter to detailed and complex art that is entirely handpainted.


Nail art is an additional charge per nail or per 10 nails, depending on the level of complexity and will require a longer treatment time.  If you'd like nail art, please get in touch before booking to discuss your requirements.

  • Simple nail art - £1.00 per nail​ or £7.00 for 10 nails
    • Examples - dots, single stripes, glitter, abstract foil etc​

  • Detailed nail art - £1.50 per nail or £12.00 for 10 nails

    • Examples - animal print, ​flowers, swirls, foiling, opal quartz, marbling, ombre, stars etc

  • Complex nail art - £2.00 per nail or £15.00 for 10 nails

    • Examples - flames, chequerboard, ​crystal application, embossing, chroming etc

  • Custom nail art

    • Please contact me directly if you have a specific design in mind as pricing will need to ​be calculated based on the complexity and time to create your required design.


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