My five favourite makeup products and tools to double (or treble) up on

Updated: Jan 6

Diving straight in on this one. Call me geeky, but when I look at a makeup product or tool, I love to try and think of two or three ways in which I can use it. Just because a makeup brush has ‘eyeshadow crease’ written on it doesn’t mean you can’t use it to buff in concealer, or use it to blend in a highlighter. By doubling or trebling up on your use of products and/or tools, you can save time and money on your makeup kit.

Here’s my five favourite products to double/treble up on.

1) MyKitCo - small makeup brush 1.19 'MY FLUFF & BUFF™'

What it’s sold as – a buffing/blending eyeshadow brush

What I double it up as – a buffing/blending cream concealer under the eye area

This small but mighty brush is a staple in my pro and personal kits (yes, I have more than one of these...) It’s described as a buffing/blending eyeshadow brush (of which it does the job beautifully) but I also find it brilliant for blending in concealer under the eye area, due to the fact that it’s small enough to fit into the inner corner of the eye and under the lower lashes. A personal favourite from a brand I love and trust.

2) Illamasqua - Skin Base foundation

What it’s sold as – a lightweight, easily blendable foundation