Helpful information for your wedding

Congratulations!  You’re getting married!  

Here’s some information that you should find helpful as you prepare for your wedding.  

Any questions that aren’t answered?  

Get in touch, Nicola will be more than happy to guide you through the process and what to expect.


Do I actually need a trial in the first place?

Great question!  Firstly, Nicola does strongly recommend having a trial.  It’s important you meet the people who are helping you to look your amazing self on your big day.  Having your makeup done is a very personal thing so you need to feel 100% happy with the look.

How long will my trial take and where will it take place?

Your trial generally takes around 2hrs (depending on how many people want a trial) and take place at Nicola's studio in Galashiels.  The studio is only a 5-10 minute walk from Galashiels train station.

So, what happens at my trial?

You and Nicola will talk about the look you’d like to achieve.  You’ll also chat through skin & preparation, any allergies, health issues etc.  You’ll then you’ll sit back and enjoy a makeup application, which you’ll both then discuss and alter if necessary until you’re happy with the final look.  Think of your trial as a safe environment - Nicola wants you to feel relaxed and happy so if you want to try out a couple of different looks, then a trial is the time to do it.

Do I need to do anything or bring anything to the trial?

Ideally, if you can come to your trial makeup free, that’d be great.

If you’ve got pictures of your dress, or styles/themes that you like or know you’re having, bring them along.  A Pinterest board is a good idea, plus you can share it with Nicola beforehand.

What happens if I’ve got skin issues and/or allergies?

It depends on what it is.  The best thing to do is give Nicola a call and have a chat so that you can talk about the best way to approach this at your trial.  For example, if you have sensitive skin and need to use a specific cream, or you have a latex allergy and can’t wear normal eyelash glue.

How long before the wedding should I have my trial?

Ideally, between 4-8 weeks before is good, as you’ll have a good idea of any colours, styles or themes you have in mind.  

However, if for any reason you don’t have that long before your wedding, get in touch with Nicola as she may have space for bookings at short notice.

What brands do you use?

One of Nicola’s favourite questions!  Nicola loves Illamasqua, MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier, Yves Saint Laurent, Urban Decay, NYX, Max Factor and Kiko to name a few!  For brushes and kit, Nicola also loves MyKitCo, Zoeva, Real Techniques and Spectrum.

Can I use my own makeup?

If there’s a product you love that you want to use, chat to Nicola about it and bring it along to your trial.

Can people in my bridal party have a trial too?

Absolutely!  Having a trial done is such a lovely and enjoyable experience and it’s nice to share that with others.  

Some brides also like to make a day of it so if you want to do a group booking, get in touch and you can speak to Nicola about making it more of an event.  Seeing as you’re all going to be looking amazing, pick a day when you can go out afterwards and give your makeup a trial run!  

How many people can I have booked in for makeup?

Nicola generally works on a maximum of 5-6 adults in any one group but it depends on things like the time of the wedding etc.  When you book, Nicola will be able to let you know what’s possible.  Nicola is able to bring in help from other makeup artists if there’s a larger group.

What else is covered at the trial?

When you book your trial and/or wedding makeup, Nicola will send you a form which asks you some questions about your wedding beforehand.  Then at your trial, you and Nicola will go through the form and chat through any remaining details and how things will run on the day.

What time do you arrive on my wedding day and how long do you stay?

You’ll agree an arrival time with Nicola at your trial as it depends on things like the time of the wedding and how many are having makeup done.

Nicola stays with you right up until you’re ready to leave to get married to do a final touch up and ensure you look absolutely perfect.  

How long will my makeup take on the day?

Your makeup will take around 1hr.

How long will my makeup last on the day?

Your makeup should last all day and all night because Nicola will set it with a primer, plus setting powder and spray.  

At your trial, you’ll discuss lip colours as this is the one area of makeup that will likely fade, thanks to all the kisses you’ll be having throughout the day!  So, you’ll need a product to top up with but Nicola can help you choose this.


Also, if you’re a little bit prone to oily skin, blotting paper and setting powder are also good to have on hand in your bag.  Again, this will be covered at your trial.

Booking your wedding

Terms & Conditions

There's a few things you need to know when you book your wedding trial and makeup.

More information on booking terms and conditions is sent to you when you book,

but the main ones you need to know are shown below.  (Full T&Cs available on request.)

Getting a quote

Prices for services can be found on the website, however, a detailed quote should be requested to ensure you're clear on the estimated cost of services.


A deposit of 30% is required within 14 days of booking to secure your date and is redeemable against your final balance. Deposits are non refundable and can be paid via cash, card or bank transfer.

Paying your final balance

Final balances are due 7 days before your wedding date.


Cancellation charges apply if cancellation is made with 28 days or less (including any trials).  Cancellations must be made in writing.

Travelling costs

Travel costs may be added depending on location.